Dear visitors,

may we introduce ourselves, we are a family of  five, Simone and Michael, the parents and their three daughters Melanie, Marie Louise, and Michaela. We all live in Eggenfelden in Lower Bavaria, together with two french bulldogs Emma and Boris, a number of cats and some other extraordinary pets.

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It all got started when a client of ours, - my husband is a vet -,

gave us a male lilac-tabby birman cat called TIGER. We fell in love with Tiger immediately and we liked him so much that we soon bought a nice girlfriend for him.

Without noticing, we had already been infected by the ”Birman-virus”. Blue-eyed and velvety-pawed they had already conquered our hearts, like no other pets had done before. So very soon a

few more friends for Tiger arrived on the scene and with our

help, they founded what is now called ”From  the Rose Terrace”.

Danger! Causes Addiction!

Tiger, having had no papers, was castrated but he still lives happily and contently among the other pets in our “mini zoo”, as our friends like to call it. 



You find our Sacred Birman Cattery in the very South of Germany, located in Bavaria near the Austrian border. Eggenfelden is to

be found in the nice valley "Rottal-Inn”. Next to the rail way Mühldorf - Passau via Pfarrkirchen as well as next to the national roads 20, 388 and 588. We live approx 95 km from Munich,

approx 75 km from Passau and approx. 90 km from Salzburg (Austria). Not far from Eggenfelden there is Marktl/Inn -

where the Pope Benedikt XVI was born. Approx 22 km from Eggenfelden there is a town called Altötting - Germany's biggest

 pilgrimage place.