....unfortunately I havenít got any yet. But just in case youíre wondering, I have absolutely nothing against pet shows.

At the moment however, I am extremely busy, work wise and on the home front, so that I donít want to spend the little free time that is left for myself and the family at pet shows. What is more, all my cats are over a year old and not at all used to going to shows.

I think that a cat should get used to shows from an early age in order to feel comfortable there. My little pedigree Burmese cats are not used to going to shows, that is why Iíd rather let them stay at home.

This does not mean, however, that I am less responsible, in letting my cats mate, than a breeder who does go to shows. On the contrary, I am doing my best!  For example: according to the cat association a cat should not litter more than three times in two years,  but I have heard of breeders (and ones that go to shows) whose cat has had four litters in two years. Of course this is an exception, but it just proves my point, that, cat shows or not, the responsibility lies with the individual breeder.

Finally, I would like to mention, that in a few years time, when the children have grown up and our veterinarian praxis, i.e. my husband does not need my help to such an extent, I will certainly go to pet shows, because I intend to start a show career with my future breeding tomcat. Maybe in the near future one can also find me and my kittens at a show somewhere near our home.

Finally, allow me to conclude with the following verse about cats:

All extremes of human ideals are intrinsic to

 them, they are perfectly shaped by nature,

 a loss we search to find again in all our extremes.

(Axel Eggebrecht)